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Reorganization and Restructuring

During my term in office, I have spoken out against mindless reorganizations and restructurings where U of T administrative staff have borne the brunt of layoffs. Every time there is a need for financial restraint, management takes the easy way out and lays off our fellow staff members. I am not against reorganization or restructuring per se. Sometimes, it is necessary for increased operational efficiencies. But since faculty is immune, it is always the administrative staff that pays the price for such reorganizations and restructurings. I will ensure that any reorganization and restructuring is fully justified and that the impact of job loss is minimized. 

Pension Administration and Governance

The University is currently working on the development of a Jointly-Sponsored Pension Plan (JSPP) with the Faculty Association, campus unions and other stakeholders. The JSPP may be our best bet to maintain the current defined benefit plan. I will collaborate with the administration and all stakeholders in this historic endeavour but I will not hesitate to ask the tough questions should the need arise. I will work to ensure that U of T employees have an equal say in the administration and governance of our pension plans.

Staff Development

It is no exaggeration to say that the University’s achievements are based largely on the contribution, commitment, and dedication of its staff. Staff development is therefore paramount in facilitating personal and professional growth and in enabling individuals to achieve their full potential. I will continue to advocate for increased funding for staff development and an environment in which it can take place.

Budget Issues

The allocation of budget funds and resources reflects the priorities of the University administration. I will ensure that the priorities of staff do not get lost in a sea of competing priorities and interests.

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